Technology Counsel


This attorney has nearly 30 years of business and legal experience; guiding businesses through a wide array of complex and difficult situations. While she has extensive management experience, he also has practical, tactical experience which enables her to step in and get the job done effectively, competitively and strategically.


This attorney has served as chief legal counsel for both public and private multinational technology companies. She has a wide range of legal skills and expertise – including handling worldwide corporate legal affairs; managing corporate legal departments; drafting, reviewing and negotiating a broad variety of commercial contracts and licensing agreements; managing outside counsel; intellectual property maintenance, protection and enforcement; risk management; litigation management; acquisitions and divestiture transactions; and general local, national and international compliance.

Work History

For the last three years, this attorney has worked as assistant general counsel for a software company where she managed and negotiated the company’s commercial transactions. Prior to that she was the general counsel for a private venture funded company and a publicly traded hardware company. She started her legal career as counsel for a public telecommunications company.


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