Employment Counsel


This attorney helps businesses comply with an ever complex array of employment law; and also provides corporate officers with alternatives, thereby enabling officers to decide how best to handle delicate employment situations.


This attorney has provided employment law advice and training to a variety of industries and to the whole range of corporate sizes – from business with a few employees, to businesses with 1,000s of employees in multiple locations, including international locations. In addition to assisting companies with employment law issues, she has also assisted in the following areas: data privacy; legal and regulatory compliance; and immigration.

Work History

This attorney has worked for over 20 years for a variety of corporations around the Bay Area. For the last few years she has worked for a software company. Prior to that, she spent 3-5 years at each of the following types of companies: hardware provider, home building products and residential construction services, financial services and insurance. She spent the first 10 years of her legal career in private law firms providing employment advice and counsel to an array of Bay Area businesses.


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