Martin Sances


Martin Sances is an experienced general counsel and transactional attorney who brings significant business acumen to the table when dealing with the problems facing the modern business. From mergers and acquisitions to labor disputes or insurance coverage problems, Martin takes a proactive approach in preparing clients to handle the varied legal difficulties they may face.


If you need assistance with a large transaction, have regulatory concerns or even disputes within your ownership group, Martin has the experience to help you resolve these problems in an amicable and efficient manner. Martin has successfully managed high volume in-bound and out-bound contracting processes and has developed forms and procedures to streamline your ability to get agreements done and move on with business. Martin will help you organize your corporate structure so that your corporate governance best accommodates your company’s existing practices and future needs.

Work History

Martin has worked for large, international publicly traded companies as well as smaller, privately held companies. He has the ability to take on, and provided guidance related to, a wide range of challenges that arise in business. Martin has led large technology procurement and development efforts in the fields of facilities, insurance, renewable energy and transportation. Most recently he has set-up an autonomous vehicle testing program for a client to provide practical business support in addition to the legal nuts and bolts.


"Martin provided a lot of value as chief counsel as we built iCars in the fast moving ride sharing market. He worked in a flexible and collaborative manner helping me consider the options when making important decisions to grow the business. He helps growth companies address key issues in a flexible manner not usually found with attorneys at large firms."  

                                                                                                     Mark Friedler startup CEO and President